Students play a supporting role in Shakespeare’s New Place transformation

Students play a supporting role in Shakespeare’s New Place transformation

Royal Leamington Spa College furniture crafts students played a supporting role in the spectacular transformation of Shakespeare’s New Place, Stratford-upon Avon, as they helped deliver a stunning oak bench which will be a central feature of the dramatic new garden on the site of Shakespeare’s house.

The circular oak bench – which is over 25 metres long – was commissioned by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust from craftsman Armando Magnino, who is also a lecturer at the college. Student Philipp Stummer has worked with Armando on the bench has taken over six months to complete. The bench envelopes the area representing the heart of the Shakespeares’ family home, providing the perfect spot to contemplate the pivotal sculpture, ‘His Mind’s Eye’ a monumental bronze tree representing the power of Shakespeare’s imagination.

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