Kenilworth Mayoral Bench – Kenilworth Castle

Yr2 Furniture Crafts student Matt Brown made a Mayoral bench for Kenilworth Castle.
Mayoral Bench – News Article

Matt produced a Sketchup drawing, this helped with the dimensions and to understand the joints to be used.


Matt then produced a model, this also helped with understanding the jointing and to communicate to the client how the bench will look.

matt scale model bench web

Meeting at Kenilworth Town Council.

IMG_4331Then to the timber yard, we went to with a cutting list and templates to select the oak.

IMG_4618Back to the workshop and nesting the components for the bench then on to cutting them out, here Matt is using our narrow band saw to cut the individual components.




After cleaning up the edges on the spindle moulder (ring fence) and sanding them, he then jointed the components using a domino machine.

IMG_5663Assemble all the components and then clean up and oil using


34870520984_5960f4d953_oThe bench was then in our end of year show and then the following week installed at Kenilworth Castle.


Mayor Kate Dickson unveiled the new Mayoral Bench with the replacement plaques, a great evening and very happy client (s).




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